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CAD Services to the Jewellery Trade - Gary Meaden Master Jeweller, Auckland

Gary Meaden were an early adopter of CAD technology for jewellery production, and are now leaders in the field. CAD allows for a faster turnaround and lower labour and material costs.

Gary Meaden can produce wax and resin printouts from their CAD 3d Printers, all managed in-house. Resin printouts are extremely robust, and can be used as demonstration pieces for clients as these printouts will not break.

The CAD jewellery design process allows us to produce high quality photorealistic renders during the design process. These provide a unique visualisation step for clients, and often lead to increased sales, especially of one-off custom items of jewellery. Please see the render page for examples.

Gary Meaden currently have two in-house CAD designers, with combined experience of over 16 years. Please contact us to discuss your CAD jewellery production needs.

Custom Jewellery Production Stage 1 - Jewellery Concept Sketch
1- Concept Sketch
Custom Jewellery Production Stage 2 - CAD
2 - CAD Drawing
Custom Jewellery Production Stage 3 -  Rendering
3 - Rendering
Custom Jewellery Production Stage 4 -  Production
4 - Final Ring